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Mou answers fans’ questions

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A week ago we offered you to ask questions to mou. Rustem answered a lot of them in the comments to the news. We present a full answers' version to HellRaisers' fans questions from the young Kazakh talent.

 DoKeR: What are your plans for yourself and the team?
 mou: We started our little bootcamp before visiting Voronezh tournament.

 Oksvord: You have quite many errors in your game, how do you plan to fix them?
 mou: The only way for us to fix them is by paracticing and training, we will try to pay attention to all our failures.

badaho: Did the team prepared enough for upcoming tournaments?
 mou: We do not have much time at the moment, but we will try to spend our trainings very productively.

 kuplinov.abzal: For how long do you play CS (beginning the 1.6 till CS:GO)? Are you an old friend of Adren(are you friends at all)?
 mou: Yep, I met Daur back in 2009, when we played in the same team with the name of k23.

 Kazakhstan_oneLove: When will you upload your cfg?
 mou: Here is my fan's group, where you can find all needed information.

 kapral: Rustem, are you agree with the statement, that the team HR is in the state of some psychological recession? Do you consider inviting the team-psychologist to control your emotional background, at games and without them?
 mou: Hi, it is a very interesting question. I would rather agree to your opinion, and possibly we lack such a specialist in our organization, but it does not affect me personally and I think that guys added in motivation with coming of a new player. All what we need now, it is to practice much and to work over errors, and then everything will come to normal!

DM1TR1X: Will you refuse using of AWP after the latest updates?
 mou: To refuse? No, in any case! Here you can find my opinion about this matter.

DryFear: Are you the main AWPer now? Whether if yes, did Kucher take offence for stealing of his role in the team?
 mou: No, I was invited to the team to take this particular role.

 Gras_SG: What was the reaction of your old teammates and friends on your withdrawal? What would you wish to xGame.kz?
 mou: Reaction… I think they knew that my withdrawal was possible… Therefore they have reacted to this normally and wished me good luck! I would wish the guys from xGame.kz to finish well all the leagues, to train well, to participate in all possible tournaments, and then everything will be good. And certainly, to have no ping problem ever!

 eNDy: Do you prefer to practice against bots or real players?
 mou: I like to play rsather DMs and to make frags with my StatTrak.

Ulquiorra-EZ: You previously have played in the team, which was at Pro-Series, respectively, against the opponents of the same level. Are you ready to shoot out equally against the Grandees of sniper rifle, such as KennyS and GuardiaN?
 mou:  I am ready for battle!

 artm1-: Does Kucher continue to practice AWP after your coming to the team? Many teams practice game in two snipers, do you think that in current reality (especially after the last fix) it might take place?
 mou: Kucher — not, the second AWP takes ANGE1 on practices lately. Why not? If it is allowed by the economy, despite what map it is.

Menlem: As you have joined to the team of high level as HellRaisers, do you have any suggestions how to become a professional player as you are?
 mou: How to become a pro-player? Well… the most important is training and participation at lan or online-tournaments and possibly you will be noticed by top-teams!

Stalker29: How do you plan to develop the team?
 mou: The stability is what needed from me at the moment, and surely to complete all tasks of the captain.

JenK: Would you agree with the fact that for amateur teams the strategic and teamwork are more important, than to be just a good fragger?
 mou: Of course, the interaction in the team is the way to success!

hEeZe: You are the first AWP in the team and you play not similarly to Kucher, who played that role in HellRaisers before. How will your game style change now?
 mou: Now, we change everything, even positions that occupied previously… So, the style of our game will be unpredictable.

We will surely continue to please you with our "question-answer" heading. The next victim will be one of our World of Tanks division players. Follow the news on our website.

Cheer for HellRaisers!