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Dosia: «We will try to play all online-tournaments»

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At the moment, our guys are at bootcamp in Kiev by the reason of making some gaming improvements to play better in online tournaments and also to prepare for nearest Lan. In a break between trainings we asked Dosia some questions. Enjoy!

How is bootcamp going? What do you practice there?

Our bootcamp have just started, we had a week for the resting, all are fresh with renewed strength came for trainings. All are well-adjusted, nobody shirks at all.

Which tournaments will you play in the nearest future?

The nearest lan will run in Voronezh, Besides, we will try to participate in all online-tournaments. Surely, we will not miss any different lan-events.

How do you like the recent update for CS:GO?

Actually, everything is ok for me. Frankly, I have not noticed, that it became to play harder with AWP, this weapon rather rarely comes to my hands. But there still a lot of sniper-rifle bugs left in the game and even new ones appeared — that concerns me much. With the Tec-9 also is not everything that clear, nothing changed, except the reduction of a holder to 24 cartridges. Regarding SMG the situation looks like everybody started to take this "farm-gun", many play with it as with the first purchase, not throwing it away after eco-rounds. The price of M4A1-S… It is an effort to return Colt without silencer into the game – it will not change anything, as I think.

You are a special fan of surf-maps. Do you play them instead of CSDM? What is the benefit?

I play for fun. It does not give me anything special, it just helps me to some kinda of warm up, to feel the pace etc. I do not exchange DM for surf-maps, they just a nice addition.

The nearest match for Dosia&Co previously scheduled for April, 16. Follow the news on our web-site and in social networks.

Cheer for HellRaisers!