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HellRaisers won the match against GGWP.pro

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Report from Game Show League Season 2

 HellRaisers [16:1]  GGWP.pro @dust2

The last match within Game Show league our team played on the second day of the bootcamp. In anticipation of the match guys were making last acrical preparations, including dust2 map. It seems, that it brought a necessary result, because the Belarusians, who played last time against our guys almost with darw, today were destroyed with 16:1 score.

Especially good-lloking was pair from Kazakhstan — AdreN greedy hunted for each frag and mou qualitatively played with his "magic wand" — AWP.  Though the game has no tournament meaning for any team, it was a pleasure to see a good skilled game of HellRaisers, moreover, to see thier victory.

Comments of team's manager,   Vladislava Zakhlebina:

«The result of ths match could not affect our group position to get into the play-off of the tournament, but the match itself was principal for our team. We wanted to prove to ourselves and to fans that a draw in the last match was rather a ridiculous accident. Thanks to all who supported us! We say goodbye to GSL in this season, but many more tournaments are awaiting for us in the future! We will need our support! ;)»

Yep, HellRaisers are at the third place in the group C and leave the second play in Game Show League. The neaest match of our guys is scheduled for April, 14 within GO:CL.

Cheer for HellRaisers!