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HellRaisers.CS:GO start a bootcamp

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After a week break, our Counter Strike: Global Offensive division will gather in usual «Kiev CyberSport Arena» for active and productive bootcamp. From April, 9 HellRaiser start their official matches, so the team has to be in full combat readines.

We asked a couple of questions to the team's manager, Vladislava Zakhlebina:

What are the team's goals for this bootcamp?

«At the moment, we have our team reconstructing. As you have probably heard, in addition to replacing the fifth player, the team changed its battle positions and the game in general. Therefere our main goal — to fix everything up. And then we will work on improvements.»

Other teams do not gather on bootcamps so often, how come that you made such a decision at HellRaisers?

«In our team several player have an unsatisfactory ping in order to perform well on online-tournament. In addition it is a time difference. Therefore we made a decision to be based in Kiev most of the time. Besides, we have got what to work on, but for that we need some extra time and strength. When players train close to each other, the whole training process goes much more effective. They do not distract themselves by extraneous factors. But time for resting was also given. They are training according to the schedule, where considered all hours for trainings and days-off.»

On April, 9, at 18:00 CET (19:00 Kiev and Moscow) HellRaisers will play against GGWP within Game Show CS:GO League Season 2. More details on tournament and the stream you can find in our report in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!