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DreamLeague Season 3 Qual – report

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Our guys were invited to last qualifier for the main stage of DreamLeague Season 3, which will run in Single Elimination system, where all matches will be played in Best-of-3 format. Together with HR in fourth closed qualifier we can select well known Team Tinker and Vega.

Into the main stage of DreamLeague were directly invited following teams: Natus Vincere, Alliance, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Team Empire. Winners of every qualifier will join them. Eight teams will fight for six slots to Lan-finals, which will run in June at Dreamhack Summer, the starting prize pool is $100.000.


ASUS RoG DreamLeague Qual. #4
time mentioned in СЕТ (+1 hour for Kiev and Moscow, +4 hour for Astana) 

 2:0   YSUB    
   30.04, 18:00  TBD  
 1:2   Vega    
     vs  TBD
 0:2   Tinker    
   30.04, 21:00  TBD  
 2:1   HellRaisers    


Составы команд Qual. #4:

 HellRaisers: gorec, ARTES, goddam, Dread, Afoninje
 Yellow Submarine: PSM, fervian, Miposhka, Dale*, barashik
 Vega: Solo, Mag, CeMaTheSlayeR, Noone, 9pasha
 aSpera: Sm1ley, XaKoH, CaptainLove, Iceberg, ANDROIDp
 Chappa: WhitePipo, nickarii, Dodgersdota, MeTTpuM, pasha_invoker
 4Clovers & Lepricon: Goblak, yol, Bzz, H4nn1, SexyBamboe
 Team Tinker: Bulba, qojqva, waytosexy, pieliedie, Black
 GameOnline: Zeroji, vroksnak, zlnTz, Xcalibur, pellikan


ASUS RoG DreamLeague Qual. #2

 0:2   Burden    
  Burden United      
   2:0   Burden  
 2:1   FlipSid3    
  Power Rangers      
     2:1   Burden
  Basically Unknown      
 2:0   Unknown    
   2:0   Unknown  
 2:0   EEd    


Team's line-ups Qual. #2:

 HellRaisers: gorec, ARTES, goddam, Dread, Afoninje

 Power Rangers: Ditya-Ra, j4, chshrct, TBA, TBA

 Yellow SubmarinePSM, fervian, Miposhka, Dale*, barashik

 Burden United: SingSing, Sockshka, Neqroman, ComeWithMe, Mynuts

 FlipSid3: Ryze, Blan, unicornxoxo, Ace, BabyKnight

 Basically Unknown: MinD_ContRoL, Nikobaby, Pure EviL!, Ar1sE, insol3n7 

 CompLexity: Fly, Zfreek, Zizou, Zyzzy, swindlemelonzz

 EE's disciples: The Big Bad Bird, McGrew, okcya, Tolera, Yunis


ASUS RoG DreamLeague Qual. #1 

0:2   HellRaisers    
  1:2   ASUS.Polar  
2:0   ASUS.Polar    
    2:0   ASUS.Polar
0:2   comLexity    
  0:2   Burden   
0:2   Burden    
  Burden United      


Team's line-ups Qual. #1:

 HellRaisers: gorec, ARTES, goddam, Dread, Afoninje
 ASUS.Polar: fng, Lil, Illidan, DkPhobos, Standin.God
 Moscow Five: Bignum, TPOH, Chomy, Slander, zxc
 Burden United: SingSing, Sockshka, Neqroman, ComeWithMe, Mynuts
 London Conspiracy: ReaLaxXx, SKANKS224, Keyser Soze, Madara, SsaSpartan
 Goomba: EDE, chill., rmN-, Amomentafter, Exist
 compLexity: Fly, Zfreek, The Big Bad Bird, Zyzzy, swindlemelonzz
 Team Crucial: Nemerianos, Tetius, taboo, maciekg, tobertg9