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HellRaisers vs Empire: the strongest is not revealed

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Report from D2CL Season 5

 HellRaisers [1:1]  Team Empire

On the first map of the confrontation, the refusal to supply electricity to the house, prevented goddam's of playing the whole match and he was replaced by another stand-in — Sunlight. However, it did not prevented our guys from turning the absolute equal geme to their favor. The map, which took 50 minutes of playing time only in the end became to seem victorious. Especially successfully played Afoninje with Storm Spirit, clearly winning the center of the map. It seemed that in this action flood our guys would be able to gain an advantage, which would be transfered into the winning letters in chat!

The second map, fortunately, HellRaisers played with a full line-up. During the fight we saw a duel of two characters, which went far ahead from other teammates' statistics: imperial Sniper and Shadow Fiend from hell. This quite funny confrontation between Resolut1on and Afoninje ended in favour of the first, however our mid-player looked much more perspective. But several errors in fights — and Empire is already far away. The Russians proved their superiority up to the 40th minute of the map.

Andrey «Afoninje» Afonin commented the game:

«We played well on the first map – a good pick and adequate performance, but on the second one we hurried much — played rather risky, however after a good start could quietly continue to gather key artifacts — aghanims for Balanar/Chen/Shadow Shaman, combat artifacts on Anti-mage. We discussed the details of this match almost for an hour, so the lost victory played also a positive role in team's life.»

FInally, the match ended with 1:1 score. It did not change anything in the rankings: HellRaisers is still one victory behind Empire. Details — in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!