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HellRaisers.Dota will play against Flipsid3

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ESL One Frankfurt 2015 Qual

 HellRaisers vs  FlipSid3 @bo3
March, 29, 20:00 CET (21:00 Kiev and Moscow)

 HellRaisers: Dread, gorec, Standin.???, goddam, Afoninje
 FlipSid3: Ace, Blan, Unicornxoxo, Ryze, BabyKnig

After annoying defeat from Natus Vincere in the upper bracket of the tournament, our boys went down to losers. Today they will face quite a new team on professional Dota scene — FlipSid3. The Danes got into the closed qualifiers for ESL Frankfurt through open qualifiers. Ace, Blan and Ryze formerly played together in Meet Your Makers, so they have enough experience in professional Dota.

FlipSid3 got into the second round of losers, they were defeated by The Alliance with 0:2 score in the first match of the upper bracket, and after that had to play with Virtus Pro, but the Russian team broke up. This match is very important for our guys, during the last week we see that they have a “black stripe” in official games. So let's keep fingers crossed for our guys in today’s duel in order for them to break unlucky series.

Artem ARTES Gorobey, the main carrie of the team, for some family reasons, will not be able to play today. We will inform you additionally regarding the replacement in the line-up for this match.

Do not miss that! March, 29, at 20:00 CET (21:00 Kiev and Moscow) will run the match HellRaisers vs FlipSid3 within qualifiers for ESL One Frankfurt 2015. Details regarding tournament and live broadcasting of the match you can find in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!