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HellRaisers lost to Natus Vincere

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ESL One Frankfurt Qual

 HellRaisers 0:2  Natus Vincere

The start of the first map completely won by Natus Vincere. They farmed more, with enviable constancy won fights and killed lonely heroes, therefore they earned a good handicap during the game. Despite the replacement in the midst of the game, when Alexander «XBOCT» Dashkevich withdrew, and his place was occupied by Maxim «Shachlo» Abramovskikh. «Born to win» pressurized «HellRaisers» and forced our guys to writ GG in chat.

In the second game, beginning the very first minutes, Na`Vi again earned an advantage, killing HellRaisers throughout the map, the most of the frags were done by Templar Assassin. Meanwhile, Alexander «XBOCT» Dashkevich with Anti Mage. Tinker pushed all the lines and Phantom Lancer dwelled in the enemy forest. But due to their carrie and mid-player, who had good items, «Born to win» broke down the mid-line of HellRaisers on 30th minute and killed all enemy heroes. Finally, HellRaisers wrote GG once more and proceed to the losers’ bracket.

Comments from team manager, Valentin «valentiNich» Kravchenko:

«Game is not going well, I think everybody notice that. We try to understand ourselves and to find the game, which all await from us.»

More details on tournament in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!