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HR and Vega dispersed with peace

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Five days ago DDoS attacks prevented teams from finishing the match. Today teams ended their duel without accidents. We would like to specially note a very good play of stand-in`-PSM, who replaced ARTES.

 HellRaisers 1:1  Vega

In the first game, our opponent took quite aggressive pick, which they started to use from the very beginning, killing HellRaisers throughout the map. On 22th minute DDoS attack happened again, but this time it was not directed to our camp. After quite long pause the game continued, but 4 vs 5. Vega earned great advantage before their player was disconnected. Due to that, «sharks» at last managed to break up all three sides and forced HellRaiser to write GG in chat.

The beginning of the second game was also almost similar to the first one. Teams exchanged with single frags. On 21st and 26th minutes, HellRaisers won both fights, losing only one hero, but killing four enemys. On 30th minute «sharks» came to our highground and destroyed two barracks, while Chaos Knight and Io took light and a half of mid lane. After three minutes, our boys came up to the base of Vega, where killed all enemy heroes and forced «sharks» to GG chatting. The final result – 1:1.

Team player, Andrey «Dread» Golubev, shared his aftermatch comments:

«For a very long time I have not been playing for carrie in official matches.  But my hands still remember all that. In addition, because of «Hero Challenge» I remembered a very good character — Chaos Knight. Here it is — the full power of stream twitch.tv/DreadzTV!»

It was a penultimate game within DotaPit League Season 3.. The last match against Alliance HellRaisers will play on April, 8.


Cheer for HellRaisers!