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Match-revenge against Vega is coming!

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DotaPit Season 3 

 HellRaisers vs  Vega
March, 26, 16:00 CET (17:00 Kiev, 18:00 Moscow)

 HellRaisers: Dread, gorec, ARTES, goddam, Afoninje

 Vega: CemaTheSlayer, ArsZeeqq, 9pasha, sQreen, No[o]ne

In order to continue their way to the desired first line of the rankings at DotaPit Season 3, HellRaisers will ought to win against Vega. The match will run with a taste of revenge for the defeat within SLTV Season 12, which prevented our guys from the struggle for the second group stage. However it will be the third match of these teams, in the end of February HellRaisers won over «sharks» with 3:0 score in the final of joinDOTA Masters.

In today’s match, it is hard to define a favorite. «Lions» are eager to prove that their recent defeat was an accident and «sharks» still remain not a convenient opponent for our guys. Though the most obvious outcome seems to be a draw result, we will be satisfied only with our victory. So let's keep fingers crossed for our boys!

Do not miss it! HellRaisers against Vega within DotaPit League Season 3 today, on March, 26, at 16:00 CET (17:00 Kiev, 18:00 Moscow). Detailed information on tournament and live strem of the game you can find in our report

Cheer for HellRaisers!