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HellRaisers vs Virtus.pro: match summary

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Game Show League Season 2

 Hellraisers [0:1]  Virtus.pro @bo2
6:16 @mirage, 15:15 @cache

Our team approached the match within next round of Game Show League with a new stand-in – mou. As it was in yesterday’s matches, the Kazakh player proved himself excellently and managed completely to play the role of sniper on all the maps.

On de_mirage HellRaisers started for defense. Confidenly won pistol round did not become the start of winning series. The Polish squad much more confidently played in clutch situations, due to that managed to organize a solid advantage in rounds. Up to the end of the first half of the game the situation on the map equalized, but at that moment Virtus.pro managed to surpass the minimal task of rounds’ number in attack.

After changing the sides, we saw the «iron» defense performed by «bears». They ended seven round in their favor, putting the confident end to the first map — 6:16.

ANGE1&Co decided to avoid the repeat of de_mirage and chose на de_cache. This map is one of the strongest ones at HellRaisers, and they started to prove that from the very beginning.

Playing for terrorists, we saw a typical for HellRaisers style of play, when every round built on entry-frags. Such tactics brought its fruit: winning seven round against such a serious opponents as VP — LLZ worth much.

The defense did not fail. Though, in many respects due to the success in pistol round, the Poles controlled the course of the match and because of several key-clutches from Dosia, the game turned another way. Our guys done a comeback from 7:11 score and finished the match with 15:15 score.

Team player,  Mikhail «Dosia» Stolyarov commented the game against Virtus.pro:

«I have suffered lags on my computer and I tried to help the team at my maximum, giving drops and throwing grenades. We had to win at cache, but because of playing my key attacking role laggy, we did not win enough rounds.»

Tomorrow our guys will play the next official match: within GO:CL Season 1 HellRaisers will test one more team from Poland — Gamers2.

Cheer for HellRaisers!