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Vega overplayed HellRaisers

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Starladder StarSeries Season 12

 HellRaisers 0:2  Vega

In the first game, our opponent took very aggressive pick. On the game start due to good actions of supporters of «sharks», who managed to present a desired space for mains, Vega took the advantage and started to pressurize with tension. After several deaths, HellRaisers wrote gg.

In the second game, our guys took usual Purge, who was sent to the light line, and went with triple to fight against three enemy heroes. For the first 20 minutes, teams made both 50(!) kills, which they divided equally. After eight unanswered frags, Dread and his teammates wrote GG. The final result is 0:2 in favor of Vega.

Aftermatch comments from the manager of HR Dota-division,   Valentin «valentiNich» Kravchenko:

«Guys just have not still recovered after their defeat from SFZ within the first round. We need a break for comprehension and in the nearest time we will play at high level.»

Cheer for HellRaisers!