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HR lost to Dignitas: match review

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Report from GO:CL Season 1

 HellRaisers [0:2]  Dignitas
8:16 @mirage, 13:16 @cache

On the first map, de_mirage, HellRaisers showed a good teamplay, despite the presence of stand-in. Game of HellRaisers, as it was before, built on searching for opened frags on all positions of the map. ANGE1 excellently coped with his job, sometimes he was punished in the pit for his aggression, but won the most of the duels. Finally, HR won 7 rounds for attacking side, and it is certainly a good result.

However, in the second part of the match, HR could not find an approach to attacks of the Danish team. They easily opened plants and won clutches. After the won pistol round, they made all their attacks without errors. The only exclusion was in the round, where miraculous clutch 1 vs 3 won mou, stand-in player of our team. All the other rounds gone to the asset of Dignitas, who celebrated victory with 8:16 score.

On de_cache from the very beginning started an equal fight. Teams exchanged with wins in arms’ rounds, not allowing getting far away to each other. And the game continued that way. Changing for the attacking side, our guys managed to organize quite a little advantage before the finish line, however, the Danish team made conclusions in time and, adjusting to the style of our guys, won six rounds in a row – 13:16.

Captain of the team, Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiow, commented the match:

«Now team is under total reconstruction. We have defined the common strategy for the game and changed 80% of our positions, due to that we have some misunderstandings. In this mode our team will remain for about a month, and I apologize in advance for several future results. But the reconstruction has to be completed. In the context of this game, we can make two conclusions: first, we started to combine well for attack and we need to develop that actively. And the second one — from the first time for CT everything will not go well so far, so we need to upgrade constantly. I hope that real fans will understand and forgive such our actions and all the other fans will have to wait until we completely rebuild our game and then, discontinuing to pour a lot of dirt at us, they would say that they were our fans from their childhood. Be healthy, good luck and prosperity.»

It was only the first match of our team at GO:CL. The next match of our CS:GO-division will be tomorrow. ANGE1&Co will play against Virtus.pro within Game Show League.

Cheer for HellRaisers!