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HR will fight SFZ within SLTV 12

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SLTV Season 12

Starladder StarSeries 12

Game postponed and will continue tomorrow at 15:00 CET, with 1:0 to SFZ

 Hellraisers vs  SCARYFACEZZZ @bo3
March, 21, 20:00 CET (21:00 Kiev, 22:00 Moscow)

 Hellraisers: Dread, gorec, ARTES, goddam, Afoninje
 SCARYFACEZZZ: state21, Sh4dowehhhhhhhh, M.QwisTa, Ecnart, CLUTCHER

First match within SLTV Season 12 HellRaisers had to play yesterday against guys from Vega team. But due to record-breaking long match of Cloud9 against SFZ, our match was postponed for indefinite term. Therefore the first match in the twelfth season of Star Ladder HellRasers will play against SCARYFACEZZZ.

SFZ — team, which broke through into the Star division from the Pro-Series. Team consists of five friends, and their captain is well known Ivan «ArtStyle» Antonov, who plays under the CLUTCHER nickname. Team still did not brightly manifest themselves on the world Dota-scene, but their yeasterday’s match against Cloud9 was clear enough to understand that guys never ive up and will play till the end.

Apart from yesterday's game, our opponent have not played any official matches for almost two months. But it is not a reason for relaxing. It is important to play at maximum this time

Do not miss it! HellRaisers will test SFZ within SLTV StarSeries 12.

March, 21, 20:00 CET (21:00 Kiev, 22:00 Moscow)

Detailed information regarding the tournament and the stream you can find in our report.

Cheer fo HellRaisers!