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HellRaisers overcame mYinsanity

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Report from DotaPit Season 3

 HellRaisers [2:0]  mYinsanity

A risky and fairly saying, fun pick in HR performance justified itself on 100%. Ambitious beginning of the game did not confuse our boys and they were capable to take the game under personal control operatively. Pudge, with which gorec played the game, committed 10 murders and earned 14 assists, excellently working not only alone, but as an ammo supplier for Phantom Lancer and Storm Spirit.

For 42 minutes, our guys did not give any reason to doubt that map will end in their favor. Gradually and convincingly they brought the job to the end and forced the enemy to surrender.

The second map developed by very hard scenario. The Serbians from the very beginning took an advantage: their Juggernaut and Magnus were very active on the map and created many problems to our team. In the midst of the game mYi formed a sold advantage in all respect and began to press HellRaisers to the base. However, the win, which was so vole leaked out from the hands of gog1&Co. They have committed many errors in the decisive fights and allowed HellRaisers to recover for a short period of time.

To win in this match HR had to spend a lot of nerve cells. Yep, if it were not errors at the early stage of the game, the triumph would be much easier, but, as it said by wise – “Success is never blamed”! Our boys coped with this test and won the necessary victory.

 Artem «ARTES» Gorobey commented the game:

«Usually, when “fun” heroes picked, it means that the team is playing not that serious, but everything was on contrary – on the first map we played as we wished. On the second one, were usual and habitual heroes, but it was a total mess on this map. And the most important herewas the result

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Cheer for HellRaisers!