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Goddam answered fans’ questions

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Several weeks ago, we offered you opportunity to ask goddam whatever you want. Now the answers are ready and we are happy to present them to you.

Do not forget that now the selection of questions for our tanker Neskwi is still going on. You can ask your question here.

Rhythm: The question is: was it hard for you to get into the professional Dota? How much time did it take from the start?
​ goddam: I play Dota for about 8 years and first six of them I did not plan to start a professional career. Simple public games and leagues. Everything started since I graduated from college and I was forced to either start working or to continue study. I said to my parents: "Give me one year, I will become a professional player and will earn money, then I will continue studying." But frankly even after that I did not make all possible efforts in order to truly become a professional player. After my term almost ended, I was invited to KPG team and later we got into the professional Dota.
 ua moi_kot_lybit_moloko: After the match against Vega Squadron (Dulat excelently played at middle then and HellRaisers defeated their oponent with 3:0 score) do not you want to change you role in the game?
​ goddam: Team does not need for player to change their roles. May be sometime in the future I would play at the other position, but not in this roster.
 Dypree: How is mood within the team and don't you have a member that demoralizes the others?
​ goddam: Everything is fun, good and friendly. Even when we lost or something goes wrong in the game, we try to concentrate on the game and to help each other. We are not angels, everybody has own character, but we find common language.
 Dypree: If Dread does so well playing with Vengeful Spirit, why can to you think up a special tactics for this excellent and universal hero? For instance, you may use this pick (or probably give her several key kills at the start), in order for her to get dagger/blademail (or both, depending on situation) for maximum aggressive game, maximum harm to opponents besides reducing of damage from the hero's aura? The combination of swap, stun, blademail in mass fight would allow her to cause more damage and to survive better, wouldn't it?
​ goddam: There are a lot of combinations, it is the main feature of Dota. Blademail – expensive and long-time getting. Plus none will attack her. They would wait and kill her later, because a support Venga has not much of HP.
 Astana: Does Dota provide you financially, or it is just a hobby? What's your parents' attitude to that? Do you think is there professional Dota in Kazakhstan?
​ goddam: Recently I watched the movie «Fury», where tankers repeted the phrase: «The best job in life!». Dota is my "best job in life". It fully provides me financially. I think if in Kazakhstan there is no professional team – there is no professional Dota in the country.
 Mifistonitian: Who coordinates you during play?
​ goddam: We have pretty democratic team regarding this issue, we all the time exchange with opinions and try to choose the most optimal one. Here is our strength and our weakness. If somebody get out of theis idea generator and does not bring anything to the common success, then we risk to make wrong decision. But often the last word has Vanya (Gorec).
 dorin: What are you impressions from D2AC tournament?
​ goddam: Everything was alright, despite some errors of organizers. Very good experience. Certainly, it was confusin for us to withdraw in the first round of lower bracket. We were 5th in the group and then ended our performance at 9-12 places. It is hard to procced with such rules. I think, that it has to be no matches bo1 in the lower bracket on such major tournaments.
 cweny: How is Dread? Whether well he copes with the role?
​ goddam: Dread is just a… You understand me. He is great!
axe: Many Kazakh eSportsmen often complain of ping. How this issue bothers you?
​ goddam: I live in the Western part of Kazakhstan, there ping is pretty well.
karatel4777: I would like to know your opinion about Afoninje as a player and person.
 goddam: Afonia — player with a great potential, with godd "micro" and "macro". As person he is very funny and positive, as well as other teammates are.
 klop354: Who is from well known by you PRO-players came off with alcohol too much? Tell us such story. Your personal fan – Georgiy.
 goddam: Unfortunately, I will not tease you with such stories. I have not much time to spend within the community of Pro-gamers, therefore could not see any special cases like that. But I will certainly do that a bit later for you.
 LuckerZable: If you would have a chance to change your role in the team for another one, what would be your choice?
 goddam: If I would have an opportunity to change my role, I would change it to the carrie. I like mid-player role, but this position requires more practice. May be, if I would have enough time for practice, I would choose a mid-player role.
​ LuckerZable: How did you realize that the role of support is the most smart role for yourself?
 goddam: Before I was invited to KPG team, I played all roles, much time spent at middle. But I was invited to play support role, therefore I just did not have a choice.

BrAve-DotA2: How to develop yourself as fast as possible to start professiona career? How to improve the team in general?
 goddam: My suggestion is to watch games of professional players. Watch them from their point of view, analyze and try to understand why (!) they act that way.The team improvement is a very long and complicated process, just play together as much as possible. The most important suggestion I can share with you: do not discuss in-game moments during play, especially when you failed in something (gangpush etc). Always try to think how to win the match.

Please do not forget asking your questions to Neskwi, and in the comment to this post leave your proposals who will be the next for "interrogation".

Cheer for HellRaisers!