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Thursday summary for HellRaisers.Dota

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 HellRaisers 1:1  Team Tinker

Report from MLG Pro League EU

HellRaisers continue to gain point within MLG Pro League EU. For now before the last match, HellRaisers strongly placed on the first line. There only one match left against The Alliance, the date for it still unknown. In order to enter lan-finals, which will hold in Columbus, US, our boys need to have no defeat in the last match.

During first thirty minutes, Team Tinker killed HellRaisers 20 times while HR had only six kills. At that time, Tinkers earned an advantage in 15k gold and exp. On the thirtieth minute a key event took place on this map. Team Tinker tried to enter highgrounds of HellRaisers, but our team resisted well, killing all the opponent heroes and earned for that teamfight 6k gold and 8k of exp. After that that game went to a deep late, where HellRaisers celebrated victory of Morphling and Shadow Fiend, who at the end of the game managed to complete farm for their items.

The beginning of the second map was unlike on the first one. Due to excellent actions of Rubick, Vengeful Spirit and Clockwerk at the start and in the middle of the game, Tinkers gave time in order for their heroes to farm their slots. On the fortieth minute Team Tinker approach two sides of HellRaisers, where they were all killed, after that Dread and his teammates wrote GG.

 HellRaisers 1:1  Empire

Report from DotaPit League Season 3

In the second match of the gaming day, both maps had difference only in that it was no winner. The scenario looked as follows: teams took very aggressive picks and imposed teamfights as often as it was possible.

Depending on which team was more successful in the fights, it also had an advantage. When team realized that they stronger than the opponent, they immediately entered highground, where killed the opponent, after that seeing the GG letters in chat.

Our guys are having two-days break and on Sunday we will see them in action at MSI Dragon Battle 3. 

Cheer for HellRaisers!