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HellRaisers say good bye to ESL One Katowice

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Report from ESL One Katowice

 HellRaisers [14:16]  Counter Logic Gaming @nuke

The match against CLG started the best way ever could. Beginning for the stronger side – defense, our guys confidently went ahead in score. The handicap was growing fast, none of the American strategies worked, resting in excellent individual actions of our guys in clutch situations. At the end of the first part HR managed to win the round from CLG due the quick rush to the “A” point and the economy of HellRaisers was quickly broken down. The half ended with 13:2 score in favor of HR.

After side changing, HellRaisers have had several excellent chances to take 14th and 15th points, however the luck was at the side of the Americans. We do not have to underestimate their individual merits, because in modern CS:GO there only a few teams, which would not give up till the end. Round after round went into the tarik’s&Co asset, thus leading the match to two matchpoints. One of them was successful – 14:16.

 HellRaisers [12:16]  Keyd Stars @inferno

To the match against the Brazilians our boys came up with adjustment for victory only. Once again, having chosen the counter-terrorists’ side, ANGE1&Co hardly entered the game, however, closer to the end of the first half they gained momentum and started to win rounds one after another. But the unsuccessful start of the match affected the future play, when after changing of sides, the defense of began to show incredible things. Starting from pistol round of the second half and almost in the every one of them, the only Southern American representative had been finding a player, who did phenomenal things.

Subsequently, all that transformed into a banal courage and HellRaiser could not find an antidote for that. At every round the Brazilians made up original way of defense and it brought the result practically every time. Those five round, which they won for terrorists, were enough: they only twice allowed HR to win rounds. The map finished with defeat of HellRaisers with 12:16 score.

On this minor note, HR forced to leave the tournament. Upon their arrival from Polans our team will continue practicing and preparations for future events. We do not get upset and see our future in positive perspective anyway.

Report from ESL One Katowice you can find here.

Cheer for HellRaisers!