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HellRaisers overcame Natus Vincere

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Report from D2CL S5

Dota 2 Champions League Season 5

 HellRaisers 2:0  Natus Vincere

From the start of the match HellRaisers managed to impose their own game to Na`Vi. First it became possible due to the set of active supports – Chen and Shadow Demon, which frayed many nerves to enemy heroes. Upon receiving of such needed advantage in gold and exp, HR confidently came to the highground and destroyed barracks on two sides. Just after that Dendi&Co wrote GG.

The second map of confrontation was longer with much more tension. In the beginning teams exchanged with frags, the supports in particular. One of the key moments became the dogfight on 12th minute, where HellRasiers won. And what prize goes to the winner – deserved tower and aegis from the hands of Roshan. Then the match run slowed down – Dendi on Tinker successfully resisted with machines and HR did not want to risk going through the minefield. However, it was a great “minus” for the Na`Vi leader – his teammates did not have a possibility to earn enough money and exp. But, anyway, what they had was time, however, they could not use it properly. On 45th minute HellRaisers successfully trapped enemy’s Slark and Batrider and after that, they destroyed the central line of Na`Vi. Then four minutes passed and the destiny of the match was already finally decided – HellRaisers once again came to highground, where Afoninje does an Ultra Kill and Na`Vi wrote GG.

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Cheer for HellRaisers!