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ESL One Katowice: preview of HellRaisers group

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Katowice — city in the south-western Poland, which is the eSports' center not only in the country, but in the entire Europe. Many times here were held tournaments of world level. What can we say, if in 2014 there have already passed the similar tournament to the current event. HellRaisers went out from the difficult group then, leaving overboard French from Titan team, the first place won local team Virtus.pro.

The second CS:GO-major in Poland promises to become very spectacular. Due to the fact that in 2015 there were no such huge lan-tournaments yet, it is hard to define current level of teams’ play, moreover to compare them anyhow. At ESL One Katowice every team will try to play the way they never played before. In general, a weekend full of high-quality CS is awaiting for us with participation of our favorite team!

About a month ago draw took place and then HellRaisers found out the names of their vis-à-vis in the quartet C. Two the strongest teams will proceed into the play-offs and they will be determined by GSL-system. Two times losers withdraw, two times winners guaranteed a place in the play-offs.

Report from ESL One Katowice

Counter Logic Gaming

Country: USA, Canada
Roster: tarik, ptr, hazed, FNS, reltuC

The first opponent of HellRaisers will be Americans from Counter Logic Gaming. On world's CS:GO-scene these guys suddenly appeared in January 2015, when they revealed themselves at American event MLG X Games Aspen, overplaying EnVyUs in the group stage. Analytics of American CS:GO-scene were not surprised by such turn of events, because CLG, former mousespaz, still in 2014 made their name in the US, equally playing against iBUYPOWER and Cloud9. Today many consider CLG as the strongest team from America, in terms of results of qualifiers for ESL One Katowice. There tarik&Co with 16:14 score overplayed two favorites of those qualifiers — Gamers2 and Titan. 

Still not well known throughout the Europe, but very dangerous team CLG will be the first opponent for HR in the group stage. Their defects in tactical aspect these guys compensate with their character. Will our guys be able to overcome the ambitious Americans — we will find out on Thursday!

After the game against Counter Logic Gaming, HellRasiers will play their second match. Depending on results, it can be both NiP, and Keyd Stars there.

Keyd Stars

Country: Brazil
Roster: FalleN, steel, fer, zqk, boltz

The last ones — he Brazilian team, earlier known as KaBuM. Several weeks before visiting Poland, these guys lost the support of their organization and had risk not attend lan-qualifiers. However, the community helped FalleN&Co: many donations from ordinary fans were enough in order for the Brazilians to travel to Katowice. And that travel was successful – they qualified into the main tournament!

The general feature of this team — their ability to prepare exactly to particular opponent. These guys won over fnatic on de_mirage map, and triumphed over Dignitas (ex-Cph Wolves). In the game vs fnatic, guys from the country of carnivals have shown that they should be considered. Before that match at ClutchCon 2015 there were not many, who had serious attitude to them. By the way, HellRaisers, still with former roster, met KaBuM once. At ESWC 2014 HellRaisers won with 16:5 score on de_mirage.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

Country: Sweden, Finland
Roster: Xizt, friberg, f0rest, GeT_RighT, allu

Nevertheless, the most anticipated match of this quartet will be HellRaisers vs Ninjas in Pyjamas. Teams often meet each other online as well as on major tournaments, Swedes win more often. At Dreamhack Winter 2014 and ASUS ROG Winter 2015 the Scandinavians confidently overplayed our guys in bo-3 fights. At bootcamp in Poland ANGE1&Co hardly prepared for possible match against Ninjas, therefore it is no doubt that if these two teams would play in the group stage, we will see a very tense battle.

The main change in NiP in this year was obtainment of the new sniper — allu. Ninjas in Pyjamas decided to say good bye to Maikelele and arranged the transfer of the Finnish sniper from 3DMAX team. He played only six official matches yet, however, he proved himself well already. But it is still unknown whether Ninja managed to have time to prepare well the Finnish player for major lan-tournament. There are no prerequisites to the failure, however, who if not him will be the weakest place in NiP?

This Thursday, on March, 12 in the Polish city Katowice starts the CS:GO tournament with the prize pool of $250.000. HellRaisers will start their matches at night, clarified dates, streams and much more useful information you can find in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!