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HellRaisers leave SLTV StarSeries 12

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Report from SLTV StarSeries 12

 HellRaisers [0:2]  Natus Vincere @bo3
11:16 @dust2, 23:25 @cache

First map was chosen by «Born to win». Na’Vi players play well on dust2 lately, and practice it for more than a year. However, HellRaisers, especially during last time, hardly work on interaction at the most dusty map of this game. Both teams showed their qualitative side of defense. Na`Vi took six rounds for terrorists, but our guys — only two. Particularly disappointing were missed pistol rounds: Edward won an excellent clutch. Final score was 11:16.

De_cache became the most unexpected thing for that night. Natus Vincere already put aside this map in sense of practicing, however, it seems that in anticipation of Polish major-tournament, «Born to win» seriously worked on this map. We saw an equal game in performance of two CIS-scene grandees, each team played better for attacking side. Our boys have had several chances to lead the game to the third map, however they lost all those chances. Na`Vi put the ending point in this game, when they had an opportunity to do that — 23:25.

Comments of  Vladislava «Vladisla» Zakhlebina, manager of HR CS:GO division:

«We wanted badly to enter lan-finals, to please our fans. But as you saw, we did not manage to do that. We approached the match very consciously and responsibly. Allowing some errors, which led to losing the important rounds, we could not prolong the game into the third map. Thanks for your support. We are very upset with the defeat, but we will not give up and will move forward only!»

In the nearest days, we will not see HellRaisers in any official matches. Our guys will continue their trainings and to see them in action we will be able on March, 12 at Polish tournament with prize pool of $250.000 — ESL One Katowice.

Cheer for HellRaisers!