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Happy 1 year birthday, HellRaisers!

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9th of March, 2014 – this is the date of one remarkable announcement in CIS. Team Astana Dragons, which previously played under Virtus.pro, ASD and 1337 tags, became the first squad of brand new organization – HellRaisers. Here's that announcement.

Today is one year since we announced our organization. Since then we've been through a lot of wins and defeats, good and bad news. Our CS:GO squad played 191 map in official matches and won 99. Our guys killed 17132 players (not literally, of course). 2521 times HellRaisers saw a message that named them winners of the round, 203 of which were «pistols». Our teams played at tournaments in eight different countries, in some (e.g., Sweden) – several times!

Dota 2 roster, signed in fall 2014, played 181 under HR's tag and won more than 100! The most popular hero with our guys is Vengeful Spirit, picked 58 times! The most successful here is still Shadow Fiend, with him HellRaisers have 87,5% winrate. Afoninje set a few team records on this hero: the biggest number of lasthits(618) and the highest GPM (774). 

Recently our multigaming has got another roster – World of Tanks team. Ex-Unity transfered to HellRaisers this winter. Since the change of flag, they have never lost a game, having all 11 official games won! Luciquell and co really do show their best performance.

We are very grateful to all our fans wh support us all around the world and hope that only big victories are waiting for us!

Cheer for HellRaisers!