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SLTV StarSeries 12: HellRaisers versus Na`Vi and Flipsid3

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HellRaisers didn't show their best in two play-off stages, having fallen to the "last chance grid". 9th of March is The Day – the end of online-part, and HR have to win both sworn opponents –  Na`Vi and Flipsid3 – to get into Finals in Kyiv.

SLTV StarSeries 12 Report

SLTV StarSeries 12, last chance qual.

 HellRaisers vs  Natus Vincere @bo3
09.03, 18:00 CET (19:00 Kyiv, 20:00 Moscow)

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, AdreN, Dosia, flamie, kUcheR
 Natus Vincere: Zeus, GuardiaN, seized, starix, Edward

It's been awhile since two the strongest teams of CIS region met. The last time Na'Vi and HR met in October 2014 in Moscow at Game Show League. That time Na'Vi managed to win in the final bo5 match, claiming the victory. Since then teams haven't met.

Today's randez-vouz is not even a bit less important. The prize for win – quote to LAN Finals of StarSeries, the terget of any CIS team. After this win there will be only one step between the team and place at LANs – Flipsid3, team, which is possible to defeat, although they have proved themselves in last matches online. 

Natus Vincere have recently started to prepare for Polish major-tournament ESL One Katowice: guys gathered for a bootcamp in Kyiv a week ago and dived into the tough schedule; guys have a lot of online-matches to play after being inactive for a while. Firstly their game wasn't quite confident, but after a week of practicing Na'Vi managed to fix their mistakes and now are in a good shape.HellRaisers, on their side, had much more prsctice time and free time to prepare against Na'Vi as well, because mostly their games at different online-championships are finished..

В случае победы «восставшим из ада» предстоит встретиться с коллективом Flipsid3, дважды переигравшим наших парней в последних встречах на онлайн-турнирах. Flipsid3 являются очень неудобным соперником для «ашеров», однако ANGE1 и Ко ежедневно проводят огромную работу над ошибками, во многом опираясь на опыт, полученный во встречах с этой командой. А потому вряд ли для «флипсайдов» этот матч станет легкой прогулкой.

Don't miss it! The CS:GO evening with HellRaisers start on 9th of March, at 18:00 СЕТ (19:00 Kyiv, 20:00 Moscow) with match against Natus Vincere. Tournament details, stream and more useful information you can find in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!