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HellRaisers and BBC dispersed with peace

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Report from MLG Pro League EU

MLG Pro League EU

 HellRaisers 1:1  Balkan Bears Corleone

In the first match, BBC not only took Meepo, they also sent him to the central line together with Silencer; against them was only a single Axe. The double of Balkan bears acted aggressively, killing Afoninje five times for the first ten minutes of the match, despite the help of supports. While Rubick and Enigma helped Axe, enemy’s Broodmother dominated at its line, killing Centaur several times, and destroyed two towers. Later, ARTES on Troll Warlord tried to take Roshan, but his efforts were not successful. BBC killed three heroes of HR and took Aegis. Destroying all outer towers and killing some more heroes, they awaited for second Roshan, took Aegis and destroyed central corridor of HellRaisers, but then all died from the hands of HR. Having finished farming key artifacts, Balkan Bears went through the lower line of HellRaisers, where the fight started. BBC killed all HR heroes and won the map.

In the next game, everything was completely different. HellRaisers sent the double of Tiny and Io to the middle line; Storm Spirit was at farming. After gaining level six, ARTES started to kill not only creeps, but also heroes. Tiny had also nice killing score. Giving time for their carrie, HellRaisers decided not to delay the game and soon came to the enemy’s highground.

Our guys will continue their performance at MLG Pro League and for now they are seriously aimed for the highest line in the group. Details — in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!