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HR.WoT won first place in the Golden League

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Wargaming.net Golden League Season 3

 HellRaisers 5:3  Natus Vincere

Map 1 – Himmelsdorf

HellRaisers started the match for attack. First four minutes our team took convenient positions and after that began attack and confidently captured the base.

In the second round it was noticeable that HellRaisers played prepared run from line D, but Na`Vi coped with the task. Result — 1:1.

In the third fight HR gave up «loophole», but captured «depot» by three heavy tanks, it became a main advantage in the round. Finally, HellRaisers destroyed the opponent, losing only one tank.

In the last round on Himmelsdorf Natus Vincere confidently captured the base. Quite obvious arose knocking-out, but HellRaisers decided to  to win back in a cunning way that played with them a dirty trick. The final score became 2:2.

Map 2 – Prokhorovka

Having made two open-frags on LEBWA and Rhino, HellRaisers started to pressurize the opponent, despite the fact that our team played in defense. Exchanging two more tanks, HR drove the round to the victorious end — 3:2.

In the sixth round, «Born to win» began the run through the second base; afterwards they stayed for two minutes in the village and then very aggressively went through the center — 3:3.

In the seventh round it was obvious that both teams knew what would the opponent do. HR confidently ran towards the base, but «Born to win» well accepted attack, then our guys had to recede, but did not give up and Neskwi created excellent comeback — 4:3 

In the last round HR killed Straik, who tried to reconnoiter the situation at enemies in the beginning of the round and due to the majority crushed their opponents – 5: 3.

We asked players of our team several aftermatch questions.

How did you manage to win the seventh round?

 Lucique: Actually, it was extremely hard round, we gave up some positions, but Neskwi, our “Hippo” went alone, crushed and ate everybody, even in the death point! May God grant him good health and a lot of beautiful women.
 Neswki: The round was won due to many errors of Na`Vi together with our successful actions. That led to the positive match outcome.

Was it hard to play against you principal opponents?

 Lucique: In this new format all games are hard and it is not quite clear there, therefore we played as we can, sweated as we can, as always, against anybody.
 Neskwi: We simply played our own game, difficulties were only in shotouts, because Na`Vi players are very skilled individually.

Details on tournament can be found in our report.