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Tankers of HR and Na`Vi will sort out relations today

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Report from Wargaming.net Golden League

WGL Season 3

 HellRaisers vs  Natus Vincere @bo1
March, 7, 18:30 CET – (19:30 EET, 20:30 MSK)

Two obvious favorites of Golden Series approached without any defeats. Na`Vi have one more point, because in the first round of the league HellRaisers overplayed SC6 in overtimes, losing one point. This match does not have any special meaning, both teams already earned their slots for lan-finals and they think only of it.

However, the factor of principle in this is not lost. It will be first rendezvous between leaders of CIS-scene in this year, and it is still unknown, who can be called better for now. This fight aims to define which team has a greater tactical preparations, individual skill and adjustment for victory. It is much more pleasant to finish regular season not only at the highest ranking position, but with having no defeats in the asset.

Our guys in one of the aftermatch interviews mentioned that will not show their maximum in the Internet and will preserve all strategies for the lan. Na’Vi boys also will not reveal all their secrets; therefore, we can certainly expect a competition in individual skill using old tactics.

Do not miss it! March, 7, at 18:30 СЕТ (19:30 EET, 20:30 MSK) — HellRaisers will play against Natus Vincere within the last round of online-part at WGL Season 3. Stream-channel link and more details can be found in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!