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HellRaisers conceeded to Flipsid3 the quota for CCS Kick-Off

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Report from CCS Qual.

The eSport Friday started well for HellRaisers. Having overplayed the Polish team Gamers2 in the semi-finals, our guys received a permit to play in the final match, where a quota owner for the main tournament had to be determined.

 HellRaisers [2:1]  Gamers 2 @bo3
16:5 @dust2, 5:16 @overpass, 16:11 @mirage

The fight against the team from Poland went with tense pace. Confidently own pick (dust2), our guys also confidently lost on de_overpass. The decisive map became de_mirage, where official games are becoming more interesting lately. So it happened this time. Started for the attacking side, ANGE1&Co very slowly gained rounds, losing in confusing situations many important clutches. But the defense did not fail at all. Despite the trend of recent games, HR managed to demonstrate a well constructed defense and only once for 12 rounds allowed the Polacks to increase the number of won rounds. The map ended with 16:11 score in favor of HellRaisers, the whole match result — 2:1.

 HellRaisers [1:3]  Flipsid3 Tactics @bo5
16:10 @inferno, 12:16 @nuke, 4:16 @cache, 4:16 @mirage

Bookmakers in anticipation of the finals gave the advantage to F3, however the start of the match was completely remained for our guys. They almost the first time in weeks of bootcamp showed qualitative defense on de_inferno. Our guys had different problems due to disconnections before, however for now their actions much better. 16:10 at least on this map.

But what happened on other map we do not want to remember. Such matches players see only in their worst dreams and strongly motivate them for hard trainings, moreover in anticipation of major lan in Poland – ESL One Katowice. On de_nuke seemed that everything goes according to the plan and both won pistol rounds gave a serious advantage of HellRaisers. The turning point of the map became fantastic four frags from bondik in the second round of the second half of the game, when his five-seven alone dealt with HR. After that round, F3 gained economics and it was hard to break down their strong defense — 12:16.

On de_cache and de_mirage was a similar scenario. B1ad3&Co, winning the knife-round, chose the defense side and demonstrated a confident game of high level. Knowledge of style and most of the prepared stuff, surely helped F3 a lot to reach their goal. Two map ended with 16:4 score.

Comments from Egor «flamie» Vasilyev:

«We lost the game due to stupidest errors; practically on every map we gave them all second rounds after winning all pistol ones. Generally, because of awful play at attacking side we lost the game. Hard gaming day finished for us with unsuccessful performance, I hope that up to the traveling to Katowice, everything will be much better, thank you for staying with us in all times.»

Thus, our team stopped at one step before the desirable permit for the main part of CS:GO Championship Series. Details of qualifier — in our report. The closest upcoming match our CS:GO-division will play on Monday, March, 9 against Natus Vincere at SLTV 12. Follow our news!