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HR.CSGO continue their way to the finals of SLTV 12

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Report from SLTV StarSeries 12

The bracket of the last chance of Starladder StarSeries is called this way for a reason. For single quota for Kiev finals of the tournament applied five teams, where after today’s gaming day left only three.

HellRaisers with their match against the Bulgarians from Gplay showed that guys are in good shape and will not be stopped by teams of lower class. It doesn’t matter what results the Bulgarian team showed before, it is too hard for them to steadily fight the strongest teams of the planet.

SLTV StarSeries 12

 HellRaisers [2:0]  Gplay.bg
16:14 @inferno, 16:11 @cache

The game on de_inferno from the beginning remind a beating of baby: very easily and constantly attacks of HellRaisers reached the targets. However the changing of sides brought to the game some sort of  “comeback”. The Bulgarians can also play for terrorists on this map and when the score was 14:14, it seemed that they would manage to win it. Dream3r almost won the round 1 vs 5, however he has lacked time to find the last player of our team. Our guys did not lead the match to overtime, winning the map at first matchpoint — 16:14.

On de_cache HellRaisers again started successfully. Beginning the game for the stronger side, our guys obtained a nice advantage. Most often HellRaisers won rounds due to their brilliant individual play. Following the results of the first half HR obtained the advantage in five rounds, which transformed into16:11 to the end of the map. On de_cache the Bulgarians could not cement both points, losing to force-buys and conceding in clutch moments.

After the game  Dauren «AdreN» Kystaubayev shared his comments:

«In general, on two maps we started very confidently, though in the end we started to lose. But I am very happy that we managed to gather and win this match. Thanks all for supporting us!»

The last quota for lan-finals will be played among three teams, which represent CIS-scene. First, HellRaisers will play against Natus Vincere (game is scheduled for March, 9), then the winner will fight Flipsid3 for a place for the finals. Details – in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!