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HellRaisers will fight Vega team

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After five days break our World of Tanks division continues to fight on Wargaming.net Golden League Season 3. HellRaisers have two matches to play, one of them against Vega team.

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 Last matches of Vega:  Last matches of HellRaisers:
 vs  WP.SC6 – 5:4  vs  WP.SC6 – 5:4
 vs  WP.TYL – 2:5  vs  _EVG_ – 5:3
 vs  _EGV_ – 5:4  vs  WP.TYL – 5:2
 vs  NSS Team – 3:5  vs  RoX.KiS – 5:1
 vs  Na`Vi – 2:5  vs  Shadows – 5:0
 vs  4GP – 0:5  vs  NSS Team – 5:3
 vs  Shadows – 3:5  vs  WePlay – 5:0
 vs  Arcada – 3:5  vs  4GP – 5:0
 vs  RoX.KiS – 2:5  vs  Arcade – 5:0
 vs  WePlay – 4:5  


Wargaming.net Golden League Season 3

 HellRaisers vs  Vega
March, 5, 19:30 CET (20:30 Kiev, 21:30 MSK)

Team Vega during two last seasons takes eighth place, and in the current one they are on a penultimate line of standings, but it does not mean that they can be written off.

In order to take the first line of rankings after the third season, HellRaisers need to overcome their today’s opponents and then on March, 7 have to overplay their principal rivals — Natus Vincere. In case of losing in the match against Vega, game with Na`Vi will not have any sense.

DO not miss it! The match will start on March, 5, at 19:30 CET (20:30 Kiev, 21:30 MSK). More details on the tournament and live broadcast of the match you can always find in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!