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HR and GGWP could not define the strongest one

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Report from GSL S2

HellRaisers started their performance at the second season of Game Show not the way they expected. Exchanging wins with the German team mousesports, our guys lost points in the game with outsider of the quartet – the Belarusians from GGWP.

In this match, bookmakers confidently made bets on HellRaisers, considering the fact that both teams are far away from their best conditions in terms of result of the last official matches. HellRaisers still have problem to play for counter-terrorists, but GGWP often lacks individual skill together with ability to play against top-teams.

Game Show League Season 2

 HellRaisers [15:15]  GGWP @mirage

In this match, team from Belarus showed attacking strategies of top level. These guys very qualitatively constructed attacks to “A” point, with this they trapped HellRaisers, who still not got used to new positions. Very long expectations of the necessary moment for attack became their distinctive feature. HellRaisers lost timings and did not know what to expect from enemy. After changing the sides, our guys quickly went to the match-point, however could not take to their asset the 16th round: when GGWP bought all needed ammunition, HellRaisers had hard times to overcome their defending redoubts. Game ended with 15:15 score.

Comments of  Mikhail «Dosia» Stolyarov after the game:

«GGWP played very well, and we did not play till the end some our moments, especially when we had 15 points in score.»

Now the situation in the group for HR seems to be unenviable. Two more games against Virtus.pro ahead, where HR need badly to earn points. It is not even about winning the second match against the Belarusian team. From the quartet only two the strongest teams will proceed to the play-off games. To find more details about the tournament you can in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!