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HellRaisers — champions of joinDota Masters

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Report from joinDota Masters

 HellRaisers [3:0]  Vega

Once again due to technical problems our mid-player Afoninje couild not play today. Instead of him on middle line played goodam and the role of support played the old friend of the team — PSM.

On the first map two heroes of HR justified all expectations — Shadow Fiend on the middle line and farming Storm Spirit. First one confidently defended its line and managed to farm all needed slots and the Storm after getting desired sixth level started to kill everyone on the map. As a result – a long game and confident win of HellRaisers.

On the second map the set of supporters Vengeful Spirit and Rubick several times ganged main heroes of Vega and that brought the team a needed advantage in gold and exp in order to finish that map in less than a half an hour.

After that game  Artem «ARTES» Gorobey shared a couple words:

«Through the whoe week we played with replacements. It is funny that according to the clear statistics it was better than we play with main roster. Generally, it is a good end for this week, I hope our fans enjoyed both – the game and the result.»

In the third map Vega made a bet on Troll Warlord and Bristleback, but they did not expect Morphling from Artes, which had 19 kills and died once.

HellRaisers won first place at joinDOTA Masters and earned $10 000. More details you can find in our report.