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Stickers of HellRaisers appeared in CS:GO

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Have you already got HellRaisers stickers?

ESL One Katowice approaches and Valve company, game developer, begins to prepare audience for this major event. According to the tradition, which is preserved from the very first quarter-million-tournament, a couple weeks before the start of the tournament, in the game appears opportunity to buy sticker of the favorite team in order to decorate weapons with it or to participate in the in-game contest of forecasters – Pick'em Challenge.

Certainly, in this list there is our logo, which you can buy for $0.99 in the main menu of the game. Besides that, for only $5.00 you can buy capsule of ESL One Katowice 2015 Legends, from which there is a chance to get Holo or Foil logos, i.e. holographic and induced respectively.

Buying stickers, you not only get a good decoration for your weapon, but also help teams, whose stickers you buy! Part of the whole anmount, received from the sales goes directly to the teams, it helps them in development, attending more lan-tournaments.

Have you already got stickers HellRaisers?