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HellRaisers start their way to the finals of The Summit

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The long-awaited third season of one of the most favourite tournaments among professional doters finally announced. Regional qualifiers will held around the world in order to define names of seven teams, which will join to Vici Gaming, current champions on lan-finals in Los Angeles. 

The structure of the tournament is not so easy and consists of several stages. From seven vacant slots on lan-finals, two of them go to Europe and two to North America, one to China and one to North Asia, and the last single slot owner will be determined by audience voting.

European qualifier consist of two stage. In the first one eight teams will participate including HellRaisers. All teams will be placed in the Single Elimination bracket, and to the second stage of European qualifiers will proceed two the strongest ones. Later on, 6 more specially invited teams (Na`Vi, Secret, Alliance, Empire, Cloud 9 и ASUS.Polar) will join the others. This octet of teams will play for two permits to USA in Double Elimination bracket.

The Summit European Pre-Qualifier

HellRaisers vs  4 Anchors and Sea Captain @bo3
February, 26, 17:00 CET (18:00 Kiev, 19:00 MSK)

 HellRaisers: gorec, Dread, ARTES, goddam, Afoninje
 4ASC: Trixi, Buugi, Matumbaman, Vaalix, nemphy

The loser of this match will lose all the chances to struggle for the quota for lan-finals. HellRaisers will fight the team, which does not know the taste of victory for almost a month! The Finns won in the last official match only on January, 20, after that twice ended matches with a draw result and lost 11 times! There are no any prerequisites that their loser series will be stopped in this match against HellRaisers, nevertheless 4ASC are full of motivation to break the unsuccessful series.

Our team demonstrates pretty good game lately, however they are still far from optimal condition. In this match our guys are considered as favorites. In the last match of these two teams, which ran in the final of previous JoinDOTA Masters, HellRaisers confidently won with 3:0 score. 

Do not miss it out on Thursday, on February, 26 at 17:00 СЕТ (18:00 Kiev, 19:00 Moscow) the game of quarterfinals of European pre-qualifier for The Summit 3, where «lions» ill fight against «anchors and the Captain».

Cheer for HellRaisers!