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HellRaisers twice overplayed Power Rangers

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Very difficult, but important victories “lions” celebrated in the starting match of D2CL. Before the match HellRaisers though were considered as favorites, but remembering annoying defeat from Rangers one day ago still worried.

Report from Dota 2 Champions League EU


Map 1

Start of the first ma was entirely won by PR. They farmed more, consistently winning in the fights and killed single players, therefore they managed to earn a good handicap. But this advantage was fictional: HellRaisers delayed the game, collected needed artifacts and resisted several attacks of Power Rangers. Winning those fights, gorec&Co managed not only to straight up the game, but they fully turned it over to own advantage. As a result game finished on 51st minute with HR victory.

map #1 VOD

Map 2

In the second match Belarussians once again gained leadership during the game. Teams often foght, but the gap from PR never was impressive. Up to the 33th minute Power Rangers managed to brake central line and to approach highgrounds of HR. Here took place a key fight in the match, which “lions” clearly won. Particularly these kills opened our guys the road to victory in the match. Later the game ran under the control of HR and several successful run-ups to the Belarussian team, allowed our guys to finally calm down Rangers.

map #2 VOD

This, very interesting game against the Belarusian team commented  Andrey «Afoninje» Afonin:

«We had a great fun playing this match! Though we have had a lot of errors in the beginning, but we amanged to resist, farmed needed stuff and finished everything clearly in time. It was unusual for us to play with ‘stand-in’ on ‘carry’, but it is very good that we started well at D2CL».

Thus our team gets ahead into the leadership of the current rankings. The closest match within D2CL for HellRaisers is planned for March, 10. More detailes on tournament you can find in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!