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HR shared points with mousesports

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Though initially on this evening was planned to play only one match, teams negotiated to play both matches today. As we expected, we saw two very different maps, HR and mouses both never famous for stability.

Report from Game Show CS:GO League Season 2

For these two matches to the line-up of mousesports as a stand-in was invited one of the most talented players of Balkan Peninsula, known by his performance for GamePub and iNation, Nikola «NiKolihno» Kovac. On the first map the Serbian felt not free at maximum. He replaced zonixx and had to play at his position, therefore he could not reveal his potential fully. After winning pistol round and two eco-rounds, HellRaisers lost five rounds in a row, however later on broke the course of the game and finished that map with 16:5 score.

But on de_cache game went very differently. First of all a beast woke up in stand-in of mousesports. NiKo gave key frags almost in every round, and preparations of HR did not work on courageous Serbian. In despite that HellRaisers managed to win five rounds for terrorists, guys could not show a fixed defense. Mouz quite quickly gained necessary number of rounds and with effective clutches put an end to this match — 9:16.

 Emil «kUcheR» Akhundov shared a word after the game:

«We managed to win on dust2, because we paid time to fix own errors on this map lately, we have lost many matches particularly on “dust”. Cache was troubled from the start. We have to work harder on this map. I think, that before ESL One Katowice we will prepare needed number of maps for successful performance.»

Earning 3 points each, HellRaisers and mousesports now leading in the rankings of group C. Their next matches teams will hold in the next few days. Follow the news of the tournament in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!