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HellRaisers start their performance at Game Show League S2

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After more than week break in official matches ANGE1 and his team are back! The second season of Game Show League starts, there HellRaisers intended to take the highest place.

First stage on the way to the title will be the group stage. Our guys are in the group C, where they meet titled Poles from Virtus.pro, unpredictable mousesports and hungry for big victories GGWP.pro. All the matches in the group will run on one map, therefore it is a high chance of sensations.

 HellRaisers vs  mousesports @bo1
February, 24, 21:00 СЕТ (22:00 Kiev, 23:00 MSK)

Update. Teams will play two matches instead of one!

It is hard to expect anything from the match between mousesports and HellRaisers – two the most unpredictable and explosive teams of modern CS:GO. Both teams bring surprises to grandees and concede in games, where they considered as favorites. It is very easy to find an example for that: «mouses» at qualifier for ESL One Katowice lost to 3DMAX and Cloud9, and after four days destroyed one of the strongest teams on the planet – fnatic.

Mouz experience some problems with the last, fifth player lately. Quite recently, allu, the talented sniper, left the team, several days ago, they said good-bye to zonixx, and now they are in active search of a worthy replacement. In battle against fnatic, J0hnny played instead of him, and who exactly will play against HellRaisers is still unknown.

HellRaisers are actively training at the bootcamp in Kiev Cybersport Arena and really miss official matches. Would our guys be able to minimize the element of chance and to demonstrate qualitative game – we will find out soon! Do not miss it, February, 24, at 21:00 СЕТ (22:00 Kiev time, 23:00 MSK) HellRaisers vs mousesports!

Cheer for HellRaisers!