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HellRaisers will participate in Game Show League Season 2

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The second season in the row organizers of GSL invite the strongest CIS teams to their league. Last year, HellRaisers took the second place at LAN finals, while Na'Vi claimed the victory with a tough struggle.

This year, HellRaisers again got a direct invitation to the tournament, and they are ready to improve their results. But this time it will be much harder – list of teams is now full of European teams, that are famous on CS:GO-scene. Participants have been divided into 4 groups, 4 teams each, where they play by Round Robin system. In order to get into play-off, team has to place top-2 in the group

Prize pool of the tournament is $30,000, winner gets $16,000. 

Group А Group B Group C Group D
 EnVyUs  Fnatic  Virtus.pro  Dignitas
 Flipsid3  Team SoloMid  HellRaisers  Playing Ducks
 Cph Wolves  PENTA  mousesports TBA
 Madjick  Wrecking Gaming  GGWP.pro TBA

HellRaisers have got into Group C, where they should fight Virtus.pro, mousesports and GGWP.pro in order to get into play-off. Detailed schedule of all our matches will appear soon, follow the news on site.

Cheer for HellRaisers!