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HR.Dota2: Sunday’s summary

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Dota2-division held two official matches today. Starting the day with easy victory over mYinsanity, HR did not manage to end the night on a positive note, because of the defeat from ASUS.Polar.

 HellRaisers [2:0]  mYinsanity

Report from MLG Pro League EU

HellRaisers continue confidently gain points within MLG Pro League EU. At the moment after more than a half of played games HR firmly established on the first line and still have not lost a single match to their opponents. Ahead – only three matches, in every of them will played two maps. Even if to win not all of them, it is possible to preserve the first line, which allows to enter lan-finals of Amercan Columbus!

In the Sunday’s match our guys overplayed the Serbian team mYinsanity. Both maps took about an hour and were quite similar to each other: mYi could not demonstrate something original and actually without struggle gave our guys needed wins. The Balkans placed in the bottom of the ranking grid, unlikely hoping to get in the top-2 of their group.

 HellRaisers [1:2]  ASUS.Polar

Report from Major AllStars EU Qualifier

The match for «easy life» on the European qualification for Malay lan-tournament finished not in favor of our guys. The winner of this match guaranteed a match for the grand finals, and loser went down to the lower bracket, where it is needed to play four more matches in a row in order to get into the grand finals.

Both teams are worthy of each other. This match of two CIS-teams did not bring any beautiful and tense Dota, All three maps ended very quickly, and the winner was the one, who made a correct pick. In the first and last cases, HellRaisers lost in this stage, match ende with 1:2 score.

 Andrey «Dread» Golubev, the most experienced player of our team, summarized results of these two matches:

«Our gaming day went not so well, the culmination was cloudy. Big pause between games did not affect the game seriously. The key moment was “missclick”, when instead of Vengeful Spirit we took Batrider, which immediately got under control by Polars. All the remained time we spent for getting out of this trap. We fell down to the lower bracket, but we will play more matches anyway. The more matches, the better.»

Now HellRaisers will play against Power Rangers in the lower bracket of the tournamentв нижней сетке турнира. This match will run today on February, 23, at 17:30 СЕТ (18:30 Kiev time, 19:30 MSK). We, as well as Belarusian vis-à-vis, do not have a right for any errors, therefore a hot match expected!

Cheer for HellRaisers!