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HR.Dota2 will play two matches on Sunday

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On February 22, gorec&Co planned two games at once. First will be match against Serbians from mYinsanity на MLG Pro League EU, and after the sunset HR will fight against ASUS.Polar for the final of European qualifier for Major Allstars.

 HellRaisers vs  mYinsanity @bo2
22.02, 16:00 СЕТ (17:00 Kiev, 18:00 MSK)

Report from MLG Pro League EU

Our team began performance at online-league MLG with four wins. The primary motivation for all the participants of the tournament – a chance to get into the lan-finals in the US. After wins over Power Rangers and London Conspiracy, HellRaisers climbed to the highest place in standings, which they share with the Portuguese from BBC team.

The Serbian team mYi not the best way played their first matches in the tournament: they lost both maps to Power Rangers and Balcan Bears Corleone and played a tie against Swedes from The Alliance who are in poor shape. These games showed that Serbians are still not at the level of the best teams of the planet, however from time to time they are able to bring some surprises to the favorites.

The game against HellRaisers for them is a chance to get back to the race for the leadership. There is only one way – overplay everybody, starting with HR. The task for our guys is simple – to show the level of play and not to give desperate Serbians hope for a positive outcome.

 HellRaisers vs  ASUS.Polar @bo3
22.02, 21:00 СЕТ (22:00 Kiev, 23:00 MSK)

Report from Major AllStars EU Qualifier

ASUS.Polar refused to participate in MLG, and due to this have some time for preparations to the Major AllStars and other tournaments. This advantage unlikely to play a key role in this match, however, the clarity with which they approach the choosing of championships, obliges them to be more responsible in every official match.

Match between two CIS teams will run within the second stage of the upper bracket, semi-finals. In the previous stage, teams have not experienced serious problems in the matches against European teams of second and third dozen. Our guys overplayed London Conspiracy, and ASUS.Polar – mYinsanity. The victory in today’s match will bring the winner into the finals of winners, where will be only a couple of steps left to the desired quota.

For teams it will be the first match in this new year. Last time teams met in December. Two of three matches won HellRaisers. Since then, much water has flowed, and now, at the time of reshuffles, much attention paid to several players of Polar roster, while HellRaisers practice in full roster and do not feel the wind of changes. Main issue of the match: whether the feeling of an anticipation of changes affected the training mode of ASUS.Polar and their game? Game will give all the answers.

Cheer for HellRaisers in this Sunday night!