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HellRaisers defeated 4GP in the next round of WGL

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Tankers of our organization continued their victorious series within “Golden League”. 4GP could not justify expected competition and lost all battles. Our team still keeps the highest position in rankings, which you can see in our report.

 HellRaisers [5:0]  4GAMERPRO

Map One – Ruinberg

First battle showed that more than 10-days break HR used for preparations to their opponents. Having chosen on the first map Ruinberg the party of defense, with their first run they showed, that know the opponent perfectly. 4GP organized the same usual attack on the second base, and our guys expected that. Ex-Tornado came into the trap, where they were expectedly destroyed by HR tanks.

One more round for the defense showed that 4GP is not an easy opponent. They showed an interesting variation of the run, as a result they managed to destroy two HR tanks. However, the next step – competent base capture and defense of the captured point, HR did not allow them to fulfil. Shoot-out in the town changed the course of the round to the favor of HellRaisers – 2:0.

Switching to attacking side, HR immediately rushed on enemy tanks. The demonstrated aggressive preparation perfectly suited opponent’s setup and brought a quick victory. In the fourth battle it seemed that scenario will be quite similar, however HellRaisers allowed some errors and the whole battle depended on 1vs1 duel, which Near_You won – 4:0.

Map two – Himmelsdorf

Changing of the map after such a confident score on Ruinberg was just a simple formality. 4GP tried to surprise with their arrangement; however, information known by our team was used in full. Mass and fast capture of point 2, shootout of loophole, search for the last survivors – our guys had no problem with fifth round.

Battle record:

After the game, we asked several questions to players of our team:

– Did almost two-week of official matches’ absence affect the game?

 Luciquell: "No, usually game affects by absence of practicing, we have enough of them, and not by absence official matches."

 Neskwi: "No, we trained for days and responsibly prepared for games. We approached the game in good shape, therefore we had no difficulties."

– How is your team functioning without your captain?

 Luciquell: "All try to coordinate according to received information in the battle, but for now the main blow is assumed in this case by Vladimir Vladimirovich (DYADOR) and Neskwi. In general, all guys are great…"

 Neskwi: "During the battle anybody offers ideas, we analyze quickly and make a correct decision."

5:0 – another convincing victory of our team. Unexpectedly easy were earned these three points. The next match of HellRaisers will be after almost a week: on February, 28 guys will fight Arcade. More details – in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!