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HR.Dota overplayed MeePwn’d

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To the match against MeePwn'd, gorec&Co came with a replacement. Instead of the unwell goddam, played a well-known Andrey «PSM» Dunaev. He refused to join HR with former teammates on KPG, but he often helps if it is necessary to play for replacement.

map #1 RU VOD – YouTube

In first half an hour of the game events were developed perfect for HellRaisers scenario. Due to successful play on the lines and several run-ups, was achieved the advantage in more than 20.000 gold and 10.000 exp. When everything came to the fact, that it was time to put an end, there some problems appeared, which could lead to a catastrophe. MeePwn'd snapped, winning at once several fights near own fountain and won back more than a half of advantage. Fortunately, having in due time thought again, HR did not release from their hands the almost won map and put a confident end to the game, having made a teamvipe of the opponent’s team.

The second fight remembered by constant swing, by every fight teams gained and lost received advantage. Most part of the time in terms of graphs, kills and artifacts the leader was MeePwn'd. Up to the 45th minute “lions” had an unenviable situation: guys lost barracks above, below and in the middle. While regular creeps were finishing our last barracks, HellRaisers managed to organize decisive attack to the enemy throne. MeePwn'd lost everything within several minutes.

map #2 RU VOD – YouTube


Mid-player of our team,   Andrey «Afoninje» Afonin commented this game:

«Replacement is always nervous and it is also “randomizing” of team actions. Nevertheless, despite the row of errors, when we went deeply to the enemy base, not simply doing towers and barracks, we managed to end our day on “Major” note. Big thanks Andrey «PSM» Dunaev for his play for replacement. Tomorrow we have some rest and on Sunday we will continue fighting».

After this win, HellRaisers proceed forward for the quota to Malaysia. The next opponent for our guys will be ASUS.Polar, match will run on this Sunday, at 21:00 СЕТ. More details – in our report.