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HR.WoT will fight against 4GP

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Wargaming.net Golden League gradually comes to finish line. HellRaisers confidently strengthened their first position and do not intend to reduce momentum. The next victim may be the Russian team 4GP.

Report – by this link.
 Last matches of 4GP:  Last matches of HellRaisers:
 vs  Shadows – 3:5  vs  WP.SC6 – 5:4
 vs  Arcade – 0:5  vs  _EVG_ – 5:3
 vs  WePlay – 5:3  vs  WP.TYL – 5:2
 vs  NSS Team – 3:5  vs  RoX.KiS – 5:1
 vs  WP.SC6 – 2:5  vs  Shadows – 5:0
 vs  RoX.KiS – 5:1  vs  NSS Team – 5:3
 vs  Vega – 5:0  vs  WePlay – 5:0
 vs  _EVG_ – 5:3  
 vs  WP.TYL – 3:5  


4Gamerpro not first time perform in the league as “dark horse”. Team lacks stability, however from time to time these guys are capable to make dizzy sensations. In confirmation to these words their performance in the third season of Wargaming.net League. Many games were lost by them in the last, eighth battle. It tells us, that 4GP are able to fight against any teams, regardless of status or opponent’s preparations.

In the last season 4GP (ex-Tornado) overplayed Na`Vi and seriously tormented Unity (now these guys perform under the banner of HellRaisers), however, Luciquell&Co managed to win with 1:0 score. How the game will go this time is difficult to forecast. HellRaisers for quite long time have not practiced, their last official match our team played on February, 7! Since then, the team could only perfect its skill only in practicing, while 4GP played several official matches.

In the ranking grid, Natus Vincere got close to our guys. There is some time left before the match between two leaders of the division, but in order for that match to mean something, it is necessary to gain maximum possible points in remained games. So, it is absolutely unacceptable to allow any errors during today’s battle.

Will 4GP surprise favorite and take away the most important points from HellRaisers? Find out on February, at 18:00 Kiev time (+1 for Moscow). More information about tournament – in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!