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HR.Dota2 ended the match against Team Secret with draw

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HellRaisers approached the match against Puppey&Co as outsiders. After first map it seemed that this status will remain. But not so fast! “Lions” showed a furious resistance to one of the strongest teams on world Dota-scene.


map #1 VOD

First map was won by Secrets in a one gate. Having chosen rather aggressive pick, they tried to push in different map areas. Fights at the starting stage of the game ended in their advantage due to excellent teamplay and thought-over team actions, what they are famous for. HellRaisers tried to find an opportunity to turn the course of the match, however Arteezy&Co did not give such chances to our team.

But in the second match, Dread and his companions managed at last to find weakness of Team Secret. From the beginning, the game repeated and it seemed that the score would become 2:0. But at some point, HellRaisers with enviable frequency started to find single standing heroes of TS and to do "freestuff" kills. After ten minutes of successful implementation of such idea, game not only became straight, but it fell off from the hands of Serect. Thus was the handicap in more than 16 thousand of gold was won back! Not every day you have a chance to see that! Catching the right way, our guys smashed Secret, who looked helpless and could not find the way out from a steep dive.


map #2 VOD

After the game we asked several questions to players of our team:

— On the first map game went not good way, were you over-picked? Or the draft was quite equal and you just were overplayed?

Afoninje: On the first map ”draft” in general was a working one, but we just played it unsuccessfully. We understood, that we will be pushed and we need to turn the course of game from the very beginning, but anyway stocked behind towers and Secret do not forgive such errors.

— Second map – mega-dogfight and constant action, everything was allright. Why did you decide to pick Tinker? And in general, what have you learned from this match?

gorec: In the second round, from the beginning we thought to send Bristleback to the middle, but after some time we placed it on the lower line. We were trying to find a new, non-standard middle, Tinker was chosen for that purpose and it went well.

Gaining one victory each, Secret and HellRaisers catch up in the table all the other opponents, no one from them could win twice within the first round. More details and tournament table of DotaPit League Season 3 you can find in our report.