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Team Secret vs HellRaisers — match preview

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Few hours left before the start of the match between HellRaisers and Team Secret. Online-tournament DotaPit League Season 3 — is not a regular competition for all participating teams. The prize pool of $215.000 forces all teams to do their best.

 Team Secret: Puppey, Kuroky, S4, Arteezy, Zai
 HellRaisers: Artes, Afoninje, Gorec, goddam, Dread

Team Secret does not need a special presentation. Puppey&Co showed themselves well at DAC 2015. This team successfully combines individual player skill and excellent teamplay and in the heads of these guys very often appear original ideas, which applied to the game. What is their power? Their power in hard trainings, big experience and desire to develop themselves and to reach heights.

Certainly, DotaPit — is not that level, which Secrets want to reach and HR also eager of wins at larger tournaments. Puppey&Co are considered as favorites for this match. Moreover, some say that these guys have good chances to be champions of the whole tournament. Nevertheless, HellRaisers have good chances for win, it is necessary only to find a weak place of Secret, to be able to surprise them and to show own game. Last matches of our guys show, that team is in a good shape and able to surprise!

Will “lions” be able to solve secrets of Puppey&Co? We will find out soon! Do not miss, on Thursday, February 19 at 18:30 СЕТ (19:30 Kiev time, 20:30 Moscow time): HellRaisers vs Team Secret! Stream, rainkings and teams line-ups — in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!