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Near_You: «We will do our best in order to become world champions»

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For now our tank squad of HellRaisers occupies the first place in the standings of Wargaming.net Golden League Season 3. There are several days before the next game, therefore we decided during a break between the matches to please you with a small interview of  Near_You. 

Please do not forget that you have an opportunity to ask your questions directly to Aliaksei. You can do that by this link.


— How do you spend your time between games in WGL?

— Between WGL games we spend time in practicing, test-tournaments with other teams and in random play.


— How much time per day you spend for game? Do you practice teamplay much?

— Generally, playing in WoT takes all my free from lessons time. Much of that are streaming, team battles and video recordings of the game. We practice with the team in the same mode as others do. It takes approximately 3-5 hours a day. We practice at evenings, even at nighttime.


— What is changed after you became HellRaisers?

— After joining the organization very seriously changed management, players’ duties and responsibilities. Yura, the manager of our team, cares of everything regarding team's affairs. Player duties are different, but the main is to show result and to be the best, and we practice that. Also we found more responsible approach to all matters relating to our game and organization.


— In the recent rating of the best WoT teams, you placed the third. What do you think, will you ever take the place of #1?

— I think everybody has chances for the first place, but we will do our best in order to get a desired title of world champion on WoT, to thake the first place in the Grand-final of WGL, here we all gathered for.


— What are perspectives of World of Tanks eSport discipline?

— First of all, with changing the format 7/42 to 7/54 it added in staginess, “attack-defese” mode brought indescribable vigor in the fields of tank battles as it is in CS: GO. Different kinds of tactics on different maps will allow spectator to think up his own “tactical move” and to compare it to the performed in the battle by professional team. Also a part of Great Belarusian Random will not make audience boring: explosions of ammunition, explosions of ammunition, arsons and alpha-strikes will keep you in suspense for a long time. 


Do not forget to ask your questions to Near_You!


Watch tanks, cheer for HellRaisers!