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ANGE1 answered fan’s questions

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A while ago we started to receive your questions to the captain of HellRaisers’ CS:GO-division. We selected all the most interesting ones and asked all of them to Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiow. Enjoy!
QuadR: What are the goals of the team for ESL One Katowice and your plans for the nearest future?
 ANGE1: For nearest time our plans are already determined – we need to find a maximum suitable for us style of play and to prepare it for the tournament in Poland on 100%. With current team level it is difficult to set some concrete goals. I think getting into the top-4 will be a nice result.
Military_Jane: ANGE1, brother, good luck to you. Love you very much. Whether you as team communicate besides CS?
 ANGE1: Thanks for your wishes, appreciate it. Most part of our life we spnd at bootcamps, therefore we do not have any choice – we communicate togetherJ At any possibility we try to spend time outside computer club and having forgotten for a while about game, to communicate on abstract subjects.
ety: Kirill, now FlipSid3 show very good results. What do you think what are the chances of HellRaisers to overplay FlipSid3? (in percents if possible)
 ANGE1: 50%.
ety: When you will be capable to overplay NiP? Are HellRaisers in general able to enter the toop-3 this year?
 ANGE1: Yes, they are. But it seems to me, that they will enter the “top” they deserve.
meicl: Would you use the coach support at EMS Katowice as it was at Dreamhack Winter?
 ANGE1: No. Unfortunately, the list of people, which can be good for the role of our coach ended before it startedJ But are in search of him and if we find one, we will try to build our work with him.
cooperwild: Hi, Kirill! It is interesting to know how do you prepare for the match, how you warm-up, what are your moral preparations? Thanks in advance.
 ANGE1: I scroll in my head all the options of my actions on the next map, I choose in my head the information, which I have about the opponent in order to create a perfect scenario for current game.
HR_THE_BEST: What relation you have with ‘flamie’ inside the team? What do you think of him? Does he play better, than you expected, or not?
 ANGE1:  Flamie proves himself as an excellent shooter and also as an opened and good person. Certainly, in some situations there seen lack of experience, but in this business the mmost important thing is desire for progressing. And what is also important, Yegor brings us desire to work with him, despite some defects which at the moment are present at his game.
underwood: All HR players say, that you change your style. How have your personal style changed after Marik and S1mple left?
 ANGE1: At the moment, I am trying to get back to my role, which I have played at times of Virtus.pro. Many aggressive actions, maximum teamplay after exchange, imposing the own game to opponent. Now in CS at the highest world level if you give an opponent the thing he planned, it is very possible that it will happen. You see, teams spend many months in preparations for key tournaments not just for nothing. Therefore the role of constantly drawing in and dying player is seems to be not useful, but actually seriously can overset plans of the opponent for this round.
DjFidele: At time being been a captain of Virtus.Pro and you were the first, who overplayed NiP. Here is the question: why practicing, according to information of different casters, you overcome many top-teams, but in very important moment, at lan, you cannot show the game, which we saw in practice? Is it a matter of psychology or opponent “reads” you?
 ANGE1: Most likely, it is a matter of my insufficient scrupulousness in relation to players and their tactical actions. In the Internet, everybody feels free and improvisations, clutch-rounds, shooting look very confident. But the lan is very different. Here are some factors as unusual computers, monitors, seats, venues, nerves etc. Players, even very experienced ones, act very constrained and in those situations decisive are thorough knowledge of particular role and a teamplay. We are working towards the eradication of this problem, and we will improve our approach to training process and to the game in general.
Ulquiorra-EZ: As we know, many things depend on knife round. Sometimes it happens, that it is possible to win the map, which is not well prepared due to starting at the correct side. Do you practice knife or just come and cut everything off? If not, may be it is time to consider it?
 ANGE1: I do not care which side to start at and fairly saying, it seems that tactically correct to start at weaker sides. First, my opinion is built on the fact that after playing for a weaker side, you can clearly imagine what to do for another one and, if it is necessary, you can do risky purchases, which you guessed it, are easier to take at the stronger side.
dizman: Hi, Kirill! Why do not you stream? What’s the problem with it? You did it before.
 ANGE1: My computer at home is very weak for streaming, but when I come to Arena, I have too much thing to do except streaming:) But now we will have a long-time bootcamp, during which I will try to please audience with streaming.
 artm1-: How do you estimate at the moment Emil playing as sniper?
 ANGE1: I think he has many things to work on and to work much. He copes with his roles excellently for now and he has got some to surprise with.
artm1-: Have you noticed, that all the time you get in the most difficult groups on tournaments?
 ANGE1: You won’t believe it, I have 🙂
Demidrol_1337: Hi, Kirill. Do you have some time spent on family? I’m curious how do you combine duties of the team captain and father?
 ANGE1: First of all, I am trying to carry out my duties of the family supporter, I want my wife and my daughter to live in prosperity. Certainly, it affects the communication with family, but I will cover everything that after winning couple of majors!
DjFidele: Kirill, you recently participated on Bjorn Borg FPL Challenge tournament. Is there a sense to take part in such event, if you do not put all of your strength in there? Commentators laugh at you. May be you would have some respect for your fans and for yourselves? Prove to all, that you are the top-team in CIS and not just a mix! I hope my message will not bypass the team! Good luck in the future!
 ANGE1: Frankly speaking, we attended that tournament not to win. My position was and is a simple one: our quite new team has only one way to catch up EnVyUs and fnatic, which are running away forward. And this way is to play as much as possible against them and preferably tournament games. At current stage, not depending on result, much more benefit from that battle will be especially for us.
Thriller: Kirill, the question concerning your role of captain. It is well known that the role of captain and team coordinator need more concentration and attention and it can be a reason of some personal mistakes and also can affect shooting. Please comment this situation. How it happens in the team and how it is influences personally on you? Do you work on morale support in the team? Do you consider yourself, in some ways, as a coach of your team? It is quite hard to achieve, because of age, ambitions and gaming experience of your teammates. Am I right?
 ANGE1: Sure it is not beneficial for my game. But the most important thing for is victory. I do not care how I get it (legally) – by killing five people or well-coordinated team.
Question: What words you say as captain to your teammates in order to support morale during losing the match?
 ANGE1: I say them not to lose a battle adjustment, that we need only to win this round and that is it. And then next one. Then eco-round. And then a round for a tie!
Krimbo: 1. Does HellRaisers have plans to visit Gfinity tournaments in London this year? 2. Why HellRaisers decided to receive Adren back, he left the team before, does he still have problems with Internet connection?
 ANGE1: 1. I do not have such an information. 2. We replaced Adren not because his problems with Internet connection. At least it was not the main reason. At the moment, Daur did not realized what he wanted to achieve then, and I think now we have a new, mature Kazakh.
AQ: During battle with PENTA on de_mirage within ASUS ROG Winter 2015 you often pushed different positions on the map. You do that in informations purposes or is it your usual game?
 ANGE1: We often use an aggressive game in order to bring some confusion to the camp of the opponent, sometimes we get useful information about empty positions, which turns into the won round if to use it correctly. I am not sure what situation you are talking about, but I hope I answered your question.
hEeZe: Have you learned as a captain anything from Andrey «B1ad3» Gorodensky? How will you play now? Like dAT or Titan, which play slowly and use tactics or like NiP, play of which based on individual skill and excellent teamplay? 
 ANGE1: Team, where I do coordinating, will not use examples from chess tactics, that is for sure. I all my teams trust players very much and often rely on their individual skill. The most difficult in this situation is to teach all to play with interaction with each other. It is also very important to appreciate every frag and positional advantage, earned by team, because it is only the beginning and round is yet to be won.

We remind you, that questions’ collecting for HellRaisers’ player World of Tanks division – Aliaksei «Near_You» Kuchkin. You can ask you question here.