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HR.Dota will fight against London Conspiracy

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For most of the players of HellRaisers’ Dota2-division their dream of childhood was visiting of many countries, including US. Therefore, they always with motivation approach the games of MLG Pro League EU, where the successful performance would allow to win the slot for the lan-finals, which will be held over the ocean.

 London Conspiracy: ReaLaxXx, SKANKS224, Keyser Soze, Madara, SsaSpartan
 HellRaisers: ARTES, gorec, goddam, Dread, Afoninje

After confident wins over Power Rangers, HellRaisers are intended to continue the winning series. This time our guys will fight against the Greek team – London Conspiracy, who already declared themselves at the world Dota scene. Even within MLG Pro League EU these guys managed to create a sensation, winning with 2:0 score against The Alliance. At the moment, LC are lower than HellRaisers in the ranking grid, however they have an equal number of wins compared to HR.

First and the last fight between HR and LC was in December of the last year. Then within  GIGABYTE Challenge #11 «lions» celebrated victory – 1:0. As it was there, the favorite of the match will be gorec&Co. It is necessary to confirm this status, therefore no result, except two victories would satisfy our guys.

Do not miss the match, which will start on February, 18 at 21:00 CET time (22:00 for Kiev, 23:00 for Moscow). More details of the tournament you can find in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!