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HR.Dota successfully started at MLG Pro Series EU

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Two teams, representing countries of post-Soviet space, were destined to meet each other in the earlier stage of the tournament. For HellRaisers with this fight was opened MLG Pro Series EU, while Power Rangers managed to get several victories.

On the first map 'gorec' decided to surprise opponent picking main heroes, oriented on aggressive Dota at earlier stage. Belarusians tried to use one their favorite strategies, however, ban of Tinker overset a little plans of “rangers”. HellRaisers began the game not in their best way, allowing some unnecessary deaths on lines, but after a serious dogfight they went ahead. This pace very quickly allowed to clamp Power Rangers at their base, game ended with operative victory of our guys.

The second game also ended with confident win. Early peak of Lion and late of Enchantress was the correct choice. PR could not think up anything against ARTES, who played two games on Juggernaut. Victory with such score allowed our team to ascend to the third line in the rankings. If Dread&Co will continue so confidently to overplay all the opponents, we will see them in the number of the lan-finalists.

After the game, team captain,  Ivan "gorec" Kartankov, shared his impressions about finished match:

"Power Rangers surprised in general, but it happened, that it was convenient for us to play against them. The most important is that after yesterday’s defeat we made conclusions, today we communicated more with each other, used our creativity. Dread, for instance, offered using Enchantress in time. Generally, we gained points and continue to recover and to get to our normal gaming shape."

All details concerning MLG Pro Series EU can be found in our report. Next games of our guys within this tournament will await for us in the nearest future, we will keep you informed!

Cheer for HellRaisers!