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MLG Pro League EU – report

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JoinDota together with Major League Gaming hold a series of championship with overall prize fund of $475.000. Event started in January, online-part will determine six lan-finalists (3 from Europe, 2 from America and 1 from Asia), who will trip to MLG Arena in Columbus. The strongest teams from all over the world will come to USA and will define the name of the winner on April 10-12.

PRize fund of the championship is increasing through the sale of in-game tickets. 20% of these sales goes for increasing of the prize fund in the first season, 5% goes for World Championship. For now the total ammount of prize fund is ~$80,000. It is possible to watch on growth of this figure by this link.

Prize fund distrubution:

1 place = 40%

2 place = 25%

3 place = 15%

4 place = 10%

5-6 place = 5%


HellRaisers participate in European online-stage of the tournament. All teams-participants from Europe were divided on two groups. To lan-finals will proceed winners of these groups and for the third slot will fight teams, which took second place. All matches in groups will be played on two maps. In order to take the highest line, it is necessary to win as many matches as possible.





Group 1.1 Europe


P  Team W L
1   HellRaisers 9 1
2   Balkan Bears Corleone 8 2
3   Team Tinker 7 3
4   London Conspiracy 7 5
5   The Alliance 6 6
6   Power Rangers 5 5
7   mYinsanity 4 10
8   ASUS.Polar* 0 14


*ASUS.Polar withdrew the tournament and received a technical defeats in all matches

P – place, W – won, L – lost

Schedule of matches for HellRaisers: (Kiev time, +1 for Moscow)

HellRaisers [1:1] Balkan Bears Corleone
HellRaisers [2:0] Power Rangers
HellRaisers [2:0] London Conspiracy
HellRaisers [2:0] mYinsanity

Teams' rosters

 HellRaisers: ARTES, Dread, Afoninje, goddam, gorec
 Power Rangers: SoNNeiko, ChshrCt, j4, Ditya-Ra, TBA
 ASUS.Polar: Illidan, fng, DkPhobos, Lil, Mag
 The Alliance: Mynuts, Pajkatt, Loda, Akke, 7ckngmad
 mYinsanity: g0g1, Kole, grizine, Cedica, Buktop
 London Conspiracy: ReaLaxXx, SKANKS224, Keyser Soze, Madara, SsaSpartan
 Balkan Bears Corleone: Levi, Padrihno, Solitude, Haki, Masakary
 Tinker: BuLba, Waytosexy, qojqva, TBA, TBA