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EnVyUs overplayed HellRaisers within SLTV 12

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Third round match of the second group stage between HellRaisers and EnVyUs ended late at night. HR conceded in key match of group A and now remained only theoretical chances for the second place in quarter, which would possibly give a permit directly to the lan-finals.

On the first map, game went to an overtime, where our guys were stronger. After that, EnVyUs played a different way, their game became more and more effective, therefore games on next two maps ended with wins of the French team.

 HellRaisers [1:2]  EnVyUs @bo3

map1: 22:19 @inferno
map2: 3:16 @dust2
map3: 7:16 @overpass

Just after that match  Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow answered several questions:

What happented on second and third maps?

On dust2, the French team caught mad spirit and, except the first two rounds we could not win anything. Receiving such “kicks”, we just could not get together to play as solid team, that is what we should do.

How is mood within the team?

We have a fighting mood; we understand that the main reason of all our defeats is lack of training of the team. Our main goal is tournament in Katowice, which we will approach with  our best gaming shape.

In the group A there left only one match, and it is without participation of HellRaisers. In order for HellRaisers to get on the second line of the ranking grid, NiP need to overplay Titan with score of 2:1. Follow tournament details in our report.